KCC Mall de Zamboanga

A Game Changer


The newest “it” place in Zamboanga City is the recently opened KCC Mall de Zamboanga, which opened on December 2015. It may pale to malls in Metro Manila overall, but locally, it is a game changer.

Why is it a Game – Changer?

Two things: size, and “novel” brands.

Prior to opening of KCC, the only “real” mall in ZC was Mindpro Citimall. Its just a small shopping mall which I think is just the size of SM Cubao, more or less. On the other hand, KCC is comparable to Metro Manila (“MM”) malls size – wise. In my probably-mistaken-estimate it is almost half the size of Robinsons Place Manila. And from what I have been hearing, it is still expanding. Thus, locally, it is an enormous place.

The best feature of the mall is that it houses many MM brands which previously does not have a foothold in ZC. Among these brands are:

  1. J. Co Donuts;
  2. National Bookstore;
  3. Giligans;
  4. Lacoste;
  5. Burger King (to open);
  6. Payless Shoe Store;
  7. and many more.

For locals, this is really a great place as they do not anymore need to visit Metro Manila to have access to these brands.

There is another mall (Citimall) which opened a few months before KCC which I believe also have these Metro Manila brands. However, due to its size, it is not as frequented as KCC.

Area for Improvement

One area which the mall management needs to address is probably the aesthetics. If you go inside you will see some “cracks” in its walls which may probably lead you to guess that substandard materials were used in constructing the mall. However, as it survived an earthquake last April 2016, its just probably a matter of putting in some elegant finishing touches on the interior of the mall.

I believe that the X – ray machine at the entrance is too much but I think the mall management takes security risk seriously. So nothing much to complain there.

How to find it

It is easy to find. Everyone in the city knows KCC Mall. You won’t have a hard time finding it, even if you’re a tourist.

You may also read my earlier post on Amigos & Amigas eatery for a guide to go to KCC Mall.


Thanks for reading.

P.S. I will update this post with pictures soon.


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