KyoChon restaurant at Robinsons Place Manila

Go for the original dip


Had an ok lunch here the other day. Over – all, service is good and the food generally are ok. However, please don’t order the honey regular dip as it tastes bland. Just go for the original.

Garlic rice also tastes good.

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P.S. Apologies for the featured pic, name is not clear.

La Fiesta Resort @ Boracay


View from our room at La Fiesta Resort in Boracay.

Value for money. Only 1,700 pesos per night.

Contact person at La Fiesta is Armie with number at 0919 – 861 – 0886.

If you also like Pokémon Go, this is a good place as well as there’s a Pokemon Gym and two (2) Poke Stops nearby. I caught uncommon Pokemons like Charizard, Jigglypuff, Marowak, Golduck, Hitmonlee, and Chansey

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Known for its steak

There is small eatery in Fermin Street in Makati called SALT. Why it is called that I have no idea. At first I thought it’s because salt is their specialty but after eating there twice I don’t think this is the reason.

Well anyway, SALT is known for its steak, so order it if you manage to visit the place. It is still worth the price but I say the steaks at Everything at Steak Steakhouse is better.

What I can remember about the steak here is that my order the second time I visited the place tastes much better than the first time. Not that the steak in my first experience was bad, it was just that the second one was better.


In contrast to my experiences at everything at steak, SALT needs to improve on its consistency.

You can try also their desserts, also worth the price you pay for.


Place is also good. My impression is that it was a residential place converted into the current SALT restaurant.

Waiters are attentive as well.

Shall I visit this place again? Well yes ‘coz my wife likes it.

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John and Yoko

Superb homemade iced tea

During one of our saturdates, me and my wife ate dinner at John and Yoko restaurant at Greenbelt. As expected it is a bit pricey. I would not recommend this restaurant if your somewhat low on budget.


However, should you happen to visit the place, don’t forget to order their superb homemade iced tea. Very delicious!

I would also recommend the crispy gyudon and the sashimi (though 5 pieces per order only).

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KCC Mall de Zamboanga

A Game Changer

The newest “it” place in Zamboanga City is the recently opened KCC Mall de Zamboanga, which opened on December 2015. It may pale to malls in Metro Manila overall, but locally, it is a game changer.

Why is it a Game – Changer?

Two things: size, and “novel” brands.

Prior to opening of KCC, the only “real” mall in ZC was Mindpro Citimall. Its just a small shopping mall which I think is just the size of SM Cubao, more or less. On the other hand, KCC is comparable to Metro Manila (“MM”) malls size – wise. In my probably-mistaken-estimate it is almost half the size of Robinsons Place Manila. And from what I have been hearing, it is still expanding. Thus, locally, it is an enormous place.

The best feature of the mall is that it houses many MM brands which previously does not have a foothold in ZC. Among these brands are:

  1. J. Co Donuts;
  2. National Bookstore;
  3. Giligans;
  4. Lacoste;
  5. Burger King (to open);
  6. Payless Shoe Store;
  7. and many more.

For locals, this is really a great place as they do not anymore need to visit Metro Manila to have access to these brands.

There is another mall (Citimall) which opened a few months before KCC which I believe also have these Metro Manila brands. However, due to its size, it is not as frequented as KCC.

Area for Improvement

One area which the mall management needs to address is probably the aesthetics. If you go inside you will see some “cracks” in its walls which may probably lead you to guess that substandard materials were used in constructing the mall. However, as it survived an earthquake last April 2016, its just probably a matter of putting in some elegant finishing touches on the interior of the mall.

I believe that the X – ray machine at the entrance is too much but I think the mall management takes security risk seriously. So nothing much to complain there.

How to find it

It is easy to find. Everyone in the city knows KCC Mall. You won’t have a hard time finding it, even if you’re a tourist.

You may also read my earlier post on Amigos & Amigas eatery for a guide to go to KCC Mall.


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P.S. I will update this post with pictures soon.


Amigos & Amigas Eatery

A must – visit eatery in Zamboanga City.

Amigos & Amigas is a must – visit eatery located at Canelar Street, Zamboanga City. Everytime we visit the city, my wife always asks me to go and eat there. So I decided to write something about the place.

There are actually two (2) Amigos & Amigas in Zambonga City. The first is located at Governor Camins Avenue. Other than an eatery, it has billiard tables. The second one is just a eatery located at Canelar Street. This blog is about the second Amigos & Amigas. I haven’t been to the first one.

How to Find it

It is very easy to find due to its proximity to KCC Mall de Zamboanga (the new mall in the city that is worth a blog of its own). If you are coming from the airport or from the city center, you have to take the “Canelar Airport” jeep and tell the driver that you’re heading to the KCC Mall. You won’t get lost because in all likelihood, many of your co – passengers would also head to the mall so would know if you are already at the right place. Many would alight the jeepney once you get to the drop point.

Your jeep will drop you at the intersection of Canelar St. and Gov. Camins. What you will automatically notice is the Jollibee Camins outlet. If you take the Gov. Camins road (your left side when facing Jollibee), you will reach the KCC Mall (it’s just a minute away really). So take the Canelar St. (right side when facing Jollibee) and just walk for around a minute and you will see Amigos & Amigas.

I believe jeepneys traversing barangays Sta. Maria and Pasonanca also go along this route so they are also an option if you see one.

Finally, you can always take a tricycle to take you to the restaurant. Beware though, tricycle drivers there are, sadly, notorious for overpricing. There are articles online about this. Just google it.

The Food


They serve batchoy, arroz caldo, bulalo, pata de baka, balbakua, barbecue chicken, satti (a local favorite) and many more. We have personally tried the bulalo, balbakua, and barbecue chicken. I like the balbakua while my wife loves the barbecue chicken and the bulalo.

Worth trying also are their desserts which rival that of the local bakeshop. We have tried their mango float and it is very delicious.

Finally, it serves halal food.

The price is also reasonable. We ate the below dishes (with soft drinks) for only Php 258.00.

The Service

The service is also very good and our orders arrive within 2 to 3 minutes from the time we ordered. All restaurant personnel are very accommodating.

I am not sure though if it is open 24 hours. A similar eatery, the classic Rava’s Food House (also worth its own blog), is open 24 hours as far as I know. I haven’t visited the place for a long time.

The Place

There is nothing spectacular about the area. As can be expected from an eatery it is an open area with only wall fans to ventilate the customers. Though we never had any complain about the area or the ventilation.

The Verdict

Visit the place and enjoy the food. Value for money.


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