KyoChon restaurant at Robinsons Place Manila

Go for the original dip


Had an ok lunch here the other day. Over – all, service is good and the food generally are ok. However, please don’t order the honey regular dip as it tastes bland. Just go for the original.

Garlic rice also tastes good.

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joyous facts

P.S. Apologies for the featured pic, name is not clear.

La Fiesta Resort @ Boracay


View from our room at La Fiesta Resort in Boracay.

Value for money. Only 1,700 pesos per night.

Contact person at La Fiesta is Armie with number at 0919 – 861 – 0886.

If you also like Pokémon Go, this is a good place as well as there’s a Pokemon Gym and two (2) Poke Stops nearby. I caught uncommon Pokemons like Charizard, Jigglypuff, Marowak, Golduck, Hitmonlee, and Chansey

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Known for its steak

There is small eatery in Fermin Street in Makati called SALT. Why it is called that I have no idea. At first I thought it’s because salt is their specialty but after eating there twice I don’t think this is the reason.

Well anyway, SALT is known for its steak, so order it if you manage to visit the place. It is still worth the price but I say the steaks at Everything at Steak Steakhouse is better.

What I can remember about the steak here is that my order the second time I visited the place tastes much better than the first time. Not that the steak in my first experience was bad, it was just that the second one was better.


In contrast to my experiences at everything at steak, SALT needs to improve on its consistency.

You can try also their desserts, also worth the price you pay for.


Place is also good. My impression is that it was a residential place converted into the current SALT restaurant.

Waiters are attentive as well.

Shall I visit this place again? Well yes ‘coz my wife likes it.

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Welcome to TastySights!

A blog about food and travel from someone who does not like to travel much and not picky about food.

Welcome to TastySights!

First allow me to introduce myself. I am joyousfacts, 30 years old, Filipino, male, and happily married for 1 year and counting. I am a lawyer by profession.

What is this blog site all about you may ask. Well this blog is about food and travel. The name is tastysights, derived from tasty (food) and sights (place). Though from time to time I may write about some things off topic, particularly probably about legal stuff considering that I am a lawyer.

Just to clarify, I am not particular with food. Neither am I a travel junkie. It is my wife who is very particular with food and the one who loves to travel. However, she does not want to write a blog about it. So I took the initiative to start this blog site.

I first shared my reviews on hotels and restaurants in tripadvisor, around November 2015 after our honeymoon in Japan. I have an account there. I just felt some form of satisfaction the moment I received my first helpful vote. Currently, I have two. I then realized that I can probably help more travelers if I just create my own blog. Further, I can get to control the creative side of it. There will be challenges of course, but I think it’s worth a try. I am confident that I can keep the contents rolling as my wife really loves food and travel. You can say that it is really her who runs this blog, and I am just the medium.

Just to explain the name, it is a combination of my nickname and my wife’s. I just made some “creative” modifications there to come up with the name.

There you have it. My short introduction. I will try to post here on a weekly basis.

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